Swiss Modular Building AG offers solutions for the working & living of the future

How can living space be created quickly and cost-effectively that also offers a high quality of life? Are there modular and mobile room concepts that meet the highest standards in terms of appearance and energy? And how can individuality and privacy be preserved even in dense construction? Current social demands and trends raise precisely these questions - and Huber SwissHouse provides the appropriate answers with its innovative modular construction technology.

Working & Living of the Future

Zurich, May 19, 2022 In view of the influx of refugees, many cities and municipalities in Switzerland and Europe are facing the challenge of having to provide additional living space within a very short time and with limited budgets. With the current migration movements, the need for space in schools, kindergartens and public facilities is also growing in many places. However, municipalities often lack the time and money to build houses conventionally; after all, such construction projects require long planning and implementation phases. Under these difficult conditions, modular construction solutions are increasingly coming into focus. At first glance, classic modular houses, such as those used on construction sites, appear to be a readily available solution at a low price. However, in view of the predicted duration of stay of the asylum seekers and the long-term increase in space requirements, the disadvantages of modular houses are all the more significant: service life and living quality are limited; due to the moderate to poor insulation, incalculable, high follow-up costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer arise for the investors. In addition, the inexpensive modular houses often meet with little acceptance in the communities due to their unattractive appearance: Objections from residents, on the other hand
objections from residents can undesirably prolong the planning and implementation process.

Modular Buildings: More than just temporary solutions

It was precisely these aspects that the municipality of Greifensee in the canton of Zurich had in mind when it decided to cooperate with Huber SwissHouse in connection with the necessary expansion of the Ocht kindergarten: "I was very skeptical at the beginning," reports Armin Mühlebach, municipal councilor of Greifensee, "because I had imagined a kind of military container. After the realization with Huber SwissHouse, I am now very happy that we decided on this impressive modular construction. Because it offers maximum flexibility in the current and future use and many options, such as subletting at a later date." The solution implemented by Huber SwissHouse within a few weeks is based on three steel frame modules, which were erected on a concrete foundation, thus enabling the addition or extension of another module at any time.

Steel Frame Modules: Intelligent construction with guaranteed long service life

Huber SwissHouse's innovative construction method is based on modular steel frames that are standardized. "We have developed a steel frame construction," emphasizes Martin Schuster, a member of the Board of Directors, "which, due to its standardization, considerably shortens the time-consuming planning and prefabrication phase required for conventional modular construction." Since this means that the steel frame structure does not have to be redesigned and fabricated for every modular construction project, building owners can save considerable time and money with the so-called standard modules. The modules can be used year-round, feature excellent insulation, and incur low heating and cooling costs. The service life of 80 to 100 years is comparable to reinforced concrete; in addition, the modules are virtually maintenance-free.

Modules that leave nothing to be desired

In contrast to classic modular systems, Huber SwissHouse can offer a huge selection of designs, sizes and equipment options with its high-quality standard modules - each module can therefore be designed and implemented to meet the specific needs of the customer. Special dimensions for lengths, widths and room heights are also possible. In terms of indoor climate, energy balance and livability, the SwissHouse modules are in no way inferior to conventional residential buildings. In terms of interior design, Huber SwissHouse offers the entire range of floor coverings (such as laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpet or tiles), and customers also have countless options for the interior walls, such as plaster and wall tiles. Sanitary and kitchen installations can be integrated according to the customer's wishes and budget. The customer is also king when it comes to the design of the exterior façade: a textile covering allows each customer to implement his or her personal design ideas attractively and individually. But there is also a choice of cladding with plaster, wood or cost-effective corrugated aluminum profiles.

Wide range of customers and applications

Whether public institutions, NGOs, companies, architects or private builders - Huber SwissHouse knows the specific requirements of its customers and can supply complete, individually designed modular buildings for every area of application. The spectrum ranges from school buildings, kindergartens, library extensions to accommodation for asylum seekers, personnel and the army. Furthermore, Huber SwissHouse is able to realize additional office space, flexible showrooms and sales outlets at short notice. For private builders, the Swiss modular pioneer also offers, among other things, attractive, mobile vacation homes or single-family houses that open up a wide range of design options in terms of room and house layout as well as equipment, design and expandability.

Everything from one expert source - the all-round service model from Huber SwissHouse

It is not only in terms of construction quality and flexibility that the specialist leads the way in the international modular segment: "We attach great importance to offering our customers an efficient, competent all-round service: In all phases of the construction project, we are available to the builders as the sole point of contact. This saves customers time, money and nerves, minimizes their investment risk and creates a very good relationship of trust." The individually coordinated services cover the entire range of consulting services. These include project inspection and needs analysis, planning (including transport, installation, construction management and controlling) as well as design and visualization of the installation. Particularly noteworthy is the thorough acceptance and post-construction services (including maintenance and retrofitting).

Since economic efficiency plays an important role for all building owners, a favorable and transparent price-performance ratio is also a matter of course for Huber SwissHouse. This is made possible above all by the precise calculability of the modular solutions and the cost-saving logistics: "Our intelligent concept makes it possible to transport the room system, which is based on international standards, efficiently as a kit worldwide. We have a global network of professional service providers and suppliers and can respond quickly and flexibly to our customers' needs." The very short construction phase also has a positive effect on the payback period - a convincing argument for any investor!

Stress test passed: Modular solutions in the stressful daily kindergarten routine

These qualitative and financial advantages are also appreciated by those responsible, users and residents in Greifensee, confirms the local councillor there, Armin Mühlebach: "We recommend these modules to other municipalities with full conviction, because in terms of costs, punctuality and personal consulting services provided by Huber SwissHouse, our expectations have been fully met." The kindergarten teachers also appreciate the newly acquired space because of its many advantages, according to Jeanette Amherd from the Ocht kindergarten: "The pleasant basic climate as well as the excellent acoustics and lighting situation favor the children's ability to concentrate. The large windows let in a lot of daylight; at the same time, the blinds provide excellent protection against direct sunlight and distractions from outside. A well thought-out room concept that can cope with the demands of everyday kindergarten life!"

Background information: The most important key data of Module Buildings

  • Produced and prefabricated in Switzerland

  • Meets all heavy energy urms.

  • State-of-the-art technology and precise welding by specialists

  • strong steel beams and sheets

  • Robust steel construction of the highest quality

  • Rustproof thanks to the most modern cataphoric coating processes

  • Efficient insulation of walls, roofs and floors

  • Fire protection EI30, EI60 or even completely non-combustible insulation

  • Electrical and sanitary installations according to Swiss standards

  • Various heating technologies (air-water heat pumps with controlled ventilation)

  • Windows with triple glazing

At a glance: This speaks for Huber SwissHouse Module buildings

  • Up to 50 percent less planning effort and 20-40 percent lower costs compared to conventional system module construction and building techniques
    less planning effort and 20-40 percent lower costs

  • No engineering required due to statically stable steel frames

  • Lower transport costs thanks to kit system

  • 30-50 percent shorter construction time than timber modular and hybrid construction; thus rapid amortization

  • Consistently high quality and optimal suitability even for use in extreme climates

  • Can be expanded at any time with additional module modules and uncomplicated
    Interior adaptation through exchangeable wall elements

  • Wide range of design possibilities from basic systems to premium extensions with
    high-quality interior fittings

  • Very good energy balance; even Minergie standard possible

  • Problem-free deconstruction and optimal reuse

  • Individual aesthetic design, pleasant working environment and homeliness

  • Long service life of 40 to 60 years

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Martin Schuster, 24.10.2022

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